How much does horizontal directional drilling cost?

As the population keeps growing, the livelihood of people should also be kept properly. Building of water pipes, electricity poles, sewage disposal system, etc all of these should be there in society. Hence, installing all of these things can be time taking and hard. There are many methods of how this is done but the main one is by horizontal directional drillingThis method is by how pipes and tunnels are drilled into the earth’s surface to install any type of pipes that are needed.

It is obvious that drilling into the surface of the earth’s crust is hard and it also creates a lot of mess. Hence, there is no proper road for people to walk by when horizontal drilling is being used. Therefore, the cost of this drilling method is high. It requires a lot of labor and also takes time to perfect. If this is not done properly then there may be future harms that might come and fix will be a huge problem.

The cost of the whole process 

The price range of this type of drilling varies. The price is always depending upon the area that needs to be drilled. In rural areas, the highest amount of this drilling will be $7 per foot. Whereas in an urban area it will be $10 per foot. When it comes to mountainous rocky areas, the highest amount of directional drilling can go up to $271 per foot. Hence, these values will always keep changing depending on the areas that are needed to be drilled for placing water pipes or any other pipes.

The workers that do this job will earn about $43,500 till $61,500 at the end of the year. Hence, they can get a lot by the end of the year. This is better for them because of the hard work they put in. It is not very easy to complete this job because it needs a lot of focus and precision. One thing if goes wrong then the whole lining will have to be changed. Hence, this is a tough job and requires a lot of time.

The procedure of horizontal drilling 

This process has mainly three stages. The first stage is the pilot hole. In this stage a small hole. Then a drilling pipe will enter it which will contain drilling fluid. The pipe will have a transmitter attached to it so that the workers can get to know how far the pipe has gone. Hence, the readings are taken every time to make sure that the pipe is in the correct place and position.

The next step is pre-reaming. Here, they place the pipes that they want to inside the pre-installed drill pipe. Therefore, they enlarge the existing pipe as well so that they can fit inside it easily. For this, the drilling fluid is also used. Lastly, the final step is to pull back the drilling pipe because it is of no use. The pipes that they wanted to place were done with the help of that tube and hence, it is removed when the job is over.